Welcome to Studio Cee Photography! Located in Laguna Niguel, CA and serving all of Orange County and Los Angeles County. Specializing in newborn and maternity photography using studio and natural light. Clarice Hendel is the Orange County newborn photographer and owner of Studio Cee Photography. Her eye for detail and her minimalist styling makes every newborn portrait an art piece.

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My name is Clarice Hendel, the photographer of Studio Cee Photography. I am also a mother of two children whom are the world to me and am a wife with a husband who I love dearly.  I also have two cats who have really been a great addition to our family.

I've always had a love for the arts. I studied graphic design in college and was an art director for many years before freelancing as a designer. I enjoyed working for myself and creating printed pieces for many of the Orange County ad agencies. After having children I put all my time and efforts into caring for them. Taking a lot of photos of them was part of it. That is when I began my photography journey. When I had my second child I hired a newborn photographer to capture him at 8 days old. At the time it was one of the most amazing things I had seen. It intrigued me and sparked my desire to someday pursue this type of art. I spent many years working on perfecting my craft and will continue to work on growing as a photographer. I truly enjoy working with newborns and that is where my heart lies. There is something about the pureness and fragility of the newborn stage that tugs at my heart strings.

I am originally from Hawaii but have lived most my life in Southern California.  My favorite place on earth is Kauai. That's where I love to spend our family vacations. I always feel so rejuvenated after visiting the islands.

RANDOM FACTS about ME:  My favorite color is sea green. A few months ago it was lavender. Who knows what it will be tomorrow? I love chocolate and am also allergic to it, but I can't really help myself so I indulge. I love to hear my children giggle. I'm a twin and my husband is also a twin. I have never had a cavity.

Well that's about it for now.  Thank you for stopping by!

Clarice Hendel

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Orange County Newborn Photographer | Specializing in Newborn & Maternity Photography

Orange County Newborn Photographer | If you are expecting a baby soon or have recently been blessed with one, then capturing their first encounters with the world is an important part of documenting their journey through life. Studio Cee Photography offers creative, unique, timeless newborn photography in Orange County capturing the beauty and fragility of your little one. Bringing life into the world brings parents a truly unique joy that people want to both share and capture with stunning imagery, which is why Clarice works so hard to offer the best newborn photography in Orange County. She is an award winning maternity photographer that offers unique creative portraits to be enjoyed a lifetime. Offering her clients only the top quality portraits and products available in the photography industry. Clarice Hendel is the dedicated professional behind Studio Cee Photography. Her years of camera experience and her love of babies makes her uniquely suited for newborn and maternity portraiture. Hendel first started her career as a newborn infant portrait photographer after years of documenting the life of her own two children. This experience has made her excellent at creating unique images that are cherished by their owners.

Clarice is noted for her elegant, simple and organic style that is truly timeless. Refined and modern newborn photography in Orange County is what she strives to provide her clientele. Using only the finest hand selected newborn props for her newborn photography sessions. Specializing in styled newborn photography was Clarice’s dream when beginning her photography career. She knew that the short fleeting period of a newborn was just as special as a wedding day and capturing memorable, beautiful images for Orange County parents was her dream. She is now one of the top newborn photographers in Orange County. Caring for her clients and providing the highest quality of service is what makes her different than most. She stands by her art and truly wishes her clients to not only love her creative work but also enjoy the experience.

Take a look at some of the great images she’s created in her newborn portfolio to get an understanding of the high quality images that she produces.

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Please view my newborn portfolio.

Orange County Newborn Photographer