Fresh 48 FAQ

What is a Fresh 48 Session?

Are you wondering what this new type of baby session is all about?  It’s fairly new to the newborn photography world, but seems to be growing pretty rapidly.  This type of session is also referred to as a “Hospital Session”. Sessions are completed within 48 hours of birth. That is where the word “fresh” comes in…. 48 hours is a pretty fresh newborn isn’t it?

For those of you who want the condensed version of what a Fresh 48 Session is….

• Documentary Style

• No Props

• Natural Window Lighting

• Location of Birth

• Session Takes Place Within 48 Hours of Birth

I normally shoot styled sessions at 5-8 days old. They are little at this stage but 48 it hours is an amazing stage to be captured too. Their little fingers and feet are pruned from their long 9 months stay in mama and those little details are all captured for you. They are so much tinier if you can believe it.

This type of newborn session differs from a typical styled session as you see on my blog or website portfolio. It’s considered more lifestyle or what I like to refer as a documentary style. It captures the parents, baby and siblings at the hospital or place of birth. No props such as headbands, hats, and wraps are involved. Blankets and beanies provided by the hospital is what are used. Mom with ivs, sleepless dads are all involved to capture that sweet moment of meeting their long awaited baby.

The moment is raw and natural. Window lighting is used to light the scenes; therefore sessions are completed in the morning or afternoon hours when visiting hours are open.

Although, this is a documentary type of session I as the photographer will still need to direct my clients as to where to sit and stand to catch the best lighting. Detailed shots will be captured of your newborn such as toes, fingers, yawns etc… Shots of the hospital and room will also be included. All of which will one day be a distant memory for you.

I have been told that this video has made many tearful. It does make me wish that I had done this with my children when they were born. It’s something you will cherish forever. I don’t think you can over document something so special as your own child. This is the perfect documentary of your baby’s first couple of days.

Please see my Fresh 48/Hospital pricing for more details.


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