Newborn Twin Photographer In OC | Double the Cuteness!

Baby Dylan (bottom) and Baby Rory (top) were so adorable during their shoot. They were already 3 weeks old when they came to my studio but were born a few weeks early so they were still so nice and cuddly.  They both did super well during the session!  I had my photographer friend Stephanie assist me as I knew the session would flow better having an assistant. Being a twin myself I think it’s so important to capture similar singular images of each twin and also capturing them together.

Parents wanted specific props included in their session, which I gladly obliged. One of the shots that was requested was using a baseball because both parents love the sport.  These images you can see below.  I think they came out pretty cute.

Rory was the older one and the larger of the two.  I could remember this because his dad said Rory has the larger head and that kept in my mind the entire session. It helped to keep them straight. lol. Although, you can tell them apart it can get confusing when shooting twins or triplets. Could you imagine only getting single shots of only one of the twins thinking you got both of them?  EEK.  My worst nightmare. Luckily, I prepared myself with a shot list and a great assistant to help me….Thank you Stephanie!

I also want to thank Rory and Dylan’s parents. They were so awesome to work with.  I truely feel grateful for being entrusted with their babies for their first photography session!  I know it was not easy finding a newborn baby photographer in the sea of photographers located here in OC.  Thank you!


I just love the above shot of Baby Rory resting on his brother Dylan’s back. It’s just too sweet!





Above is a single shot of Baby Rory. Doesn’t his lips look adorable?


Above is Baby Dylan, the younger of the two. 😉 I love this snuggly pose. He looks so cute!


If you are a newborn photographer I highly recommend hiring an assistant when shooting multiples. Your session time will be the same as shooting a singleton…that is of course if both babies were as cooperative as Rory and Dylan. No guarantees if they are out of control. Lol. I also do recommend paying for a qualified assistant. Yes, even though they get to care for two adorable newborns it is work.  My assistant Stephanie is a professional photographer who is very detailed and knows what to look for when shooting babies so it was icing on the cake for me.  Two sets of eyes are better than one.

When you book a twin session with the babies already delivered you may not have the matching or coordinating hats that you’d love to have for your session.  However, you can create a composite of two images to create the look of the matching hats. Here, I only had one knitted hat to use so, I shot one twin with the hat on then removed it and put it on the other twin and shot another photo. Then I created a composite of the two images and wala! Below is my finished product!


If you are currently seeking a newborn twin photographer in the OC area please give me a call at 949.228.1639 or email me at [email protected] for more details. I’d love to work with you!