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Orange County Newborn Photographer  | FAQ

Thank you for stopping by!  I receive a lot of questions regarding newborn sessions and I thought I’d provide an FAQ for those that had further questions. If you have any additional questions please feel free to email me at [email protected] I would love to hear from you!


When Should I Book My Newborn Session?

It’s never too early to book your newborn photo session.  By pre-booking your session this will ensure you have a reserved spot for your new arrival.


What Is Your Pricing?

I offer all-inclusive digital packages. This means you are not charged a session (sitting) fee. You may view my pricing here.

newborn photographer orange county

When Are Newborn Sessions Scheduled?

Two weeks or younger is the best time to schedule your newborn’s session. Newborn sessions are tentatively booked 5-8 days from your EDD.  I ask that you notify me when your baby arrives and if needed I will reschedule appropriately. Your session will be done within two weeks of your babies birth. I book a minimal amount of newborns each month to ensure I have the flexibility to move appointments when necessary.


What if My Baby Is Over 2 Weeks Old?

The first two weeks of a baby’s life is when they are most sleepy and still very flexible and easy to pose without much disturbance in their sleep. Once this 2 week period is over they are usually more awake and disturb easily when moving into position. That being said I will take babies that are still 2 weeks gestation.

Older babies (2 weeks +) are not likely to be posed as a newborn any longer, but beautiful baby portraits are still and absolutely possible.


Where Are Newborn Sessions Done?

My home-studio located in Laguna Niguel, Ca. This is where I have access to a number of my props as well my studio is set-up with studio lights which ensures the perfect lighting situation.


How Long Do Sessions Take?

Newborn sessions take anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on the package you decide to go with.


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Do I Need to Bring My Own Props?

This is not necessary as I have a beautiful array of natural, neutral and soft color toned newborn props such as headbands, knitted hats, knitted wraps, soft organic stretch wraps, beautiful newborn backdrops, organic wooden floor props all perfectly sized for your newborns in mind. My newborn photography style is very minimalist, clean and natural. Focusing on just my subject (your newborn) is my main goal so I limit using too many props and too many colors. I select my props very carefully to ensure that they do not overpower my subjects. Headbands are very soft and petite with a very organic feel. Hats are knitted with soft wool yarns with colors that compliment the backdrops used for a specific setup.


What if My Baby Doesn’t Cooperate?

I have a number of soothing techniques that I can use to settle your baby. I have often been called the “Baby Whisper”.


Can You Copy These Pictures on Pinterest?

I realize you have been dreaming of these photos since you found out you were pregnant, but realistically it doesn’t work this way. I work with your baby and go with the flow.  As you will find out when your baby arrives they are in charge most of the time.  lol.  A lot of babies can not do certain poses and I don’t force it. I want your baby to be comfortable and safe at all times. I also have my own style of newborn photography and do not like to copy other newborn photographers. That being said if you have any images you love from my blog or portfolio please let me know and I will try to work that in.


I Have a Special Item from My Grandmother that I Would Love to Incorporate…

I love to incorporate special sentimental items from a loved one. Please just be sure you let me know prior to our session so I can be sure to have coordinating backgrounds setup for your session.


What If My Baby Just Had a Circumcision?

It is best to wait 6-7 days after his surgery. Please make sure you let me know when scheduling.


Are You Trained in Newborn Safety?

Yes, I am! My top priority is safety and I take the utmost care to provide this. I have taken several workshops to ensure this.


Is it Possible to Have Family and Sibling Shots?

Yes! I love sibling and family portraits and this is included in two of the digital packages that I have available. You can see them here.


What Should I Wear for our Family Portraits?

These family portraits will be one that will be capturing your new family. To make the best of your photographs it is suggested to coordinate your wardrobe. Wearing neutral clothing works best for this portion of your session. More tips will be emailed to once you book your newborn session. You may also like to checkout this article written specifically on selecting your wardrobe for parent shots.


Do I Need to Bring Anything to My Session?

~ If you are bottle feeding it is best to bring at least 2 bottles of expressed milk or baby formula.

~ Pacifiers without animals attached if your baby is taking one

~ Diapers (I will also have spare newborn diapers on hand)

~ Wipes

~ Receiving blankets

~ Toys to occupy your younger children. I do have a playground directly in front of my home that you will have access to as well as television and some coloring books.


Can I Watch While You Photograph My Newborn?

Yes, there is room in my studio for parents to stay and watch however, if you have a toddler I recommend bringing along someone to watch him as toddlers sometimes get too curious and want to help assist me. In which this might wake the baby. 😉

When Will I See My Gallery?

Once you have had your newborn photography session I will go through all the images that I took and select the best of the best to edit. It usually takes me 2 weeks maximum depending.

Will I See All of the Images You Take at My Session?

During your session I take quite a few photographs of your newborn baby. A lot of them will be duplicates. I will go through the images and select only the best portraits for your gallery.

Is Retouching Included?

All your gallery images will be fully edited. I hand edit each image personally, removing any rashes, redness, excessive flakiness and other details that I feel are not enhancing the image.

Where Should I Print My Digital Files?

When I send you your high-resolution digital files I will also provide a list of recommended labs.


If you would like to book your session please fill out the “Contact Me” form below and I will contact you within 24 hours. If you do not hear back from me within that time please check your spam folder or please give me a call at 949.228.1639.

Thank you so much for your interest in Studio Cee Photography.