Why Hire a Pro Newborn Photographer

Why You Should Hire a Professional Orange County Newborn Photographer

I Was Clueless

Orange County Newborn Photography | When I was pregnant with my first child back in 2006 I had no idea newborn photographers even existed. I knew there were professional photographers but did not realize that there were some that specialized in newborns.  Growing up my only experience with photographers were those that came to my schools that took massive amounts of portraits in one day. Looking back I really think most of these photographers were just someone getting a paycheck. It was really nothing creative about shooting an elementary child’s school photo.

My first child was photographed at 5 weeks old by a professional photographer who specialized in senior portraits. She was a friend and she did it for free.  I totally appreciate and still adore the photographs of my daughter.  However, looking back at them with the knowledge that I have today I feel tremendously sad that I never got “newborn” photos of her done while she was actually still at that 2 week newborn stage.

Introduced to the Art of  Orange County Newborn Photography

Luckily, with my second child I found out about newborn photography through an online friend who had scheduled her session with a local photographer.  I took a look at her website and was AH-MAZED!  Booked my session 6 months in advance.

When my son was delivered she arrived 8 days later to photograph him at my home. I was astounded by how she worked and how beautiful the images were. To this day I still love to admire them.

Fleeting Moments

In this digital age we all have access to various cameras. Whether it be on your iphone, galaxy, digital camera or dslr. Although, I’m here to sell you on booking your newborn session I also think that iphones, galaxys, digital cameras and dslrs all have their place. I absolutely love to take snaps with my iphone! Oh you bet! Do they look like shots I take from my Canon 5dIV?  Well no. They probably look a lot like your snaps, but none the less I still love them. However, there are times in one’s life that an Orange County newborn photographer can be the better choice.

One of those times would be the arrival of your baby.  This is a very special moment in one’s life that is so very fleeting.

If you are a first time parent you may not fully understand the concept yet.  It’s overwhelming at times. Planning and waiting for your baby to arrive. Making sure everything is ready for your baby and checking that all T’s are crossed. But little do you know that reading all those books on what to expect really was not enough. Sleepless nights are challenging. The love felt for this little being will be more than you ever imagined.


Newborn Safety

The most important reason to hire a professional Orange County newborn photographer is SAFETY.  An experienced professional newborn photographer will usually be trained in the safety of handling newborns while shooting. For instance I’ve gone to two newborn workshops and have been trained extensively on how to safely shoot a newborn.


You and Your Uncle are Not Professionals

Often I hear people discussing how a good camera can take great pictures. They can possibly provide better pictures than an iphone, but they are usually still just better snaps. Truthfully, a DSLR does not make a person take professional like portraits.  It’s all about skill and experience of the person behind the camera. It’s sorta like comparing a 16 year old that just got his driver’s license to someone who is 35 and has been driving for years.  Who would you rather have drive your newborn to your Orange County newborn photography session? A 16 year old or a 35 year old who has years of experience? They will both likely get to your destination, but who do you trust most?


Newborns Are Awesome But Exhausting

If you have decided to take your own newborn photos I would like to encourage you to think otherwise. When you give birth it is not only the most emotional life changing event you will experience, but also the most physically exhausting time in your life.  Your body will be undergoing so much change…hormonal change. It’s not only the mother that experiences lack of sleep…dad will too. Waking up every 2-3 hours to feed your newborn can get very exhausting. Will you have the energy to photograph your baby? Most likely not.  All that’s on your mind is sleep.


This Newborn Stage is More Fleeting Than You Realize

Did you know that in the Orange County newborn photography world if a baby is older than 2 weeks they are no longer considered a newborn?  Yes, you read that correctly.  Time is ticking.  I preferably like to shoot babies while they are 5-8 days old. I find this time frame works best. They are adapted to the outside world, mom’s milk has come in and they are still sleepy and very flexible.

At two weeks they begin to get stiff and cannot tolerate being posed nor stay asleep long enough for a 3 hour session. Plus they’ve grown so much by then…props may not fit them at this point and most of all they are not as tiny as they once were at 5-8 days.  That’s why it’s important to book in advance while you are still pregnant. It pains me to tell a mom that I have no openings for their baby. It kills me to tell them that their 4 week old won’t pose for a session like the images on my website.


Quality of Your Newborn Portraits

If quality matters to you then hiring a professional Orange County newborn photographer is no doubt the way to go.  A trained professional newborn photographer is experienced in posing a baby. They know how much details matter and seek to perfect every image, every pose. Whether its fixing their little fingers or editing out blemishes in post processing a professional Orange County newborn photographer has the knowledge and the skill to provide quality newborn photography. Be sure to check out my tips on Choosing An Orange County Newborn Photographer.

Here are a few of my styled newborn sessions that will show you the professional care that I put into each photo.


Orange County Newborn Photography

Handsome Baby Jackson at almost 10 lbs.  He was adorable! Check out his full session here….Irvine Newborn Photography.





Orange County Newborn Photography

Newborn Baby Photographer Orange County


A girl is always so pretty in pink!  Baby Madeline had the most gorgeous and flawless skin! Made my job easy during editing! To view her full post please click on the following link…. Modern newborn photographer in OC.





Orange County Newborn Photography

Twin newborn baby photography in Orange County.


These two newborn twin boys were so good for me! These two did awesome during their session. They were about three weeks old were born a little early.  Such a great family to work with. To view these twin’s full post please click on the following link…. newborn twin photography Orange County.






Parent Shots

I adore newborn and parent photography. Adore it!  The emotion that comes through a photo when parents are holding their new baby is just so special and amazing. With an Orange County newborn photographer you can have this fleeting moment captured in an artful and beautiful photograph.  You only have to worry about getting yourself dressed and prepared for your session. The photographer will pose you in the best lighting situation to show the connection of baby and parents.

Orange County Newborn Photography

Newborn Baby Photographer in Orange County.


Need some tips on what to wear for your newborn parent portraits in OC? I’ve written a full page of tips on what to wear for your newborn photography session. I hope you find them helpful!





Orange County Newborn Photography

A recent parent with newborn shot.


One of my recent session with Baby Makenna in which I photographed her beautiful parents.  Click on the following link to view her session post….Orange County newborn photographer.







I hope that may have helped you to decide to hire an Orange County newborn photographer. See what Studio Cee Photography can offer you.


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Orange County Newborn Photography






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